Rise Of Tiamat- The Bacon Club

A recount of your time spent traveling to Boerskyr's Bridge.

So you all had the evening off, and most of you spent it lounging around. Emily went out for a drink, Krecklow prayed a bit, DJ found some moths, and Annie chilled with her ox in the courtyard.

Come morning, Krecklow sang like a whale and summoned two bluejays to his side. They feel compelled to follow him, for some reason, and he herped every derp trying to talk to Karen. The rest of you invited her to tag along, and though she was reluctant at first, she eventually came with you. You traveled, talked, and in no time at all, arrived at Boerskyr’s Bridge, a trading settlement built just outside the bridge. You stopped at an inn called Bolo’s Bed and Breakfast, where a halfling named Evan Hill stopped by and warned you that he was fully aware of what the group did at Waterdeep, and was going to use it as leverage for future favors. Karen seemed to recognize him coming in, so he may be in a position of power where getting back at him may not be possible for a bit, yet.

He informed DJ a courier would be stopping in town soon, and after a confusing, nondiplomatic exchange, the courier made like a banana and split, leaving DJ alone and without the book he needed for Hazirawn.

The party fell asleep, everyone else having enjoyed their dinner and excessive amounts of alcohol.

Lair of Arauthator
Good old Arthurboy

This is a summary of your time spent at Oyaviggaton, the iceberg lair of Arauthator.

You sailed three days to go find the iceberg where the Lord Seeker was. Upon arriving, you challenged a villager to a duel, and got poisoned by fishies afterwards. You woke up in a torture chamber, and using some loose ruling, managed to escape. You met the Lord Seeker, Karen Walthom, and proceeded to explore the iceberg. You met John J, DJ’s old contact in Elturel, and Maccath, the Sorcerer. You continued on, eventually finding Arauthator and killing him in his lair. After a long-winded fight with a dozen (nine?) kobolds, and two elementals, you managed to leave the lair, sort of ensure Maccath’s safety, and head back home to Waterdeep. The council expressed their gratitude that you at least have an approximation of the location of the Draakhorn, as well as having slayed Arthurboy.

Adventure Log, Log I
A summary of events passed

Here is where I will update the party with broad-stroked summaries of their actions. Anything terribly specific is up the the players to remember, not me. This will simply be more like a travel itinerary than anything- showing where you’ve gone, where you went, what you did, and who you might have done it to.

Not my job to remember what all you’ve done. Well, it is, but it’s not my job to remember FOR you. This log is a basic summary-type deal, at best. Treat it as such.


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