Lord Kenrid Walthom

Retired Lord Seeker


A balding, silver-bearded man. He is retired, but his physique has kept well. He tends to slouch at meetings, clearly uninterested with the constant talk of politics. His eyes are green like his daughters.


Lord Kenrid Walthom was the Lord Seeker of the Alliance for nearly thirty years, taking the mantle when he was just a young man, alongside King Melanach. Now over sixty years old, Kenrid is well past his preferred age for the job, and has passed the reigns to his daughter, Karen.

Not much is known about Kenrid, as the job itself is not very well publicized. Besides knowing the Lord Seeker hunts dragons, not much else is known about Kenrid’s time as one. You do, however, know that thanks to his time spent as Seeker, he and the King grew close, valuing one another’s opinions and trusting in each other’s counsel.

Kenrid first met the party at the council meeting in Waterdeep. He sat quietly for most of the meeting, although he defended the party’s actions when they were being ridiculed by Neverember. He was also the one who suggested the party go and aid the Lord Seeker in her hunt for the Draakhorn.

Kenrid Walthom slightly approves of the party, and is currently in the medical hall of the palace. Although he is not in critical condition like some of the other council members, he was stabbed by Silverhand after Lennithon failed to kill the family of dragon hunters. Though non-fatal, it did render him useless for much of the raid, and forced him to sit on the sidelines. He waits patiently for his wounds to heal and regrets that Lennithon got away with the King in hand.

Lord Kenrid Walthom

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