Marshall Ulder Ravengard

Leader of the Flaming Fist Warriors (Baldur's Gate)


A well-built adult male covered in plate armor. Odd for council meetings, but it would make sense if he’s always out on the field otherwise. Looks friendly enough. Has some weird cadence to his voice.


Ravengard is a strong, responsible, duty-driven man in charge of the Flaming Fist Warriors, the military might of Baldur’s Gate. Despite Waterdeep being physically and financially larger, Ravengard actually has more military forces at his disposal than Silverhand does, and he does not shy away from the chance to boast about it. His men are much more involved and deployed than hers are, reaching the fringes of the Alliance’s influence- doing what they can to help with the raids from the Cult in terms of relief or support, or even just defense.

The party met Ravengard at their first council meeting at Waterdeep, where he showed them their room and reminded them what was at stake. He is a prideful warrior with honesty down to his core- and believes it is his duty to protect the cities of the Alliance to the best of his ability. Anything less, and they’ve already lost.

Ravengard is indifferent towards the party, though he is grateful they stayed and fought with the council during the Raid of Waterdeep. He wishes they could’ve found a more suitable trace back to Lennithon so the retrieval of the King could be speedier, but he understand the situation was not ideal. He has assumed temporary control of Waterdeep’s military, with Kenrid Walthom.

Marshall Ulder Ravengard

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