Michael Alexander Walthom

Eldritch Knight of the house Walthom


A tall young man with black hair, curled at the ends like his sister’s, with his bangs swept the same, as well. He commonly wore half his plate armor as to help with his spellcasting. His face had sharp features, and you weren’t really sure if he was capable of smiling all that much.

Now his ribs are very broken.


Michael Alexander Walthom, addressed by the party as simply Walthom, was an Eldritch Knight of Walthom family. Partaking in a blood ritual when he was just a baby, he and his twin sister became infused with dragon blood, gaining the ability to sense dragons, and even see like they could. Raised from childhood to be a dragon slayer, Walthom was next in line to become Lord Seeker for the Lord’s Alliance. However, he decided he wanted to chase his magical studies and find himself- not just the job he was supposedly born to do.

Walthom met the party in Waterdeep after planning an elaborate heist on the Grand Bank, in order to track down and kill a dragon who had slaughtered a town. After, the party invited him to travel with them, acting as a walking codex of dragon knowledge, and an active dragon radar, thanks to his blood. During the battle with Glazhael, Walthom stole from his horde and sacrificed himself by jumping off the side of the castle, several thousand miles above sea level. He baited Glazhael away from the party, hoping to buy them some time and kill the dragon all the same.

Walthom liked the party, and had developed an attachment to Kilta. He is dead, however, and has no opinion on their actions.

Michael Alexander Walthom

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