Ontharr Frume

Delegate of the Order of the Gauntlet


Stout, wide, human paladin. His beard is ginger colored, hair non-existent. His plate armor is large and decorative, with a large insignia of a gauntlet on the breast plate. He wears a thick, fuzzy cape as well. He always seems so much happier than most people stuck in a suit of armor. It’s refreshing.


A cheery, although hot-headed paladin to the Order. Ontharr has all the justification he needs to support the party, given their willingness to chase the Cult not a few months ago. However, the rest of the order is not yet convinced. In particular, the order does not tolerate evil, and if they find out anyone, party or council member, is involved in any act of dubious moral nature, they will likely withhold their support.

Ontharr first met the party in the town of Elturel, east of Baldur’s Gate. It was here he and Ackerley and Leosin, from the Harpers, met up and decided now was the time to stop waiting and start chasing leads. Together, they agreed the Bacon Club, not bound my politics or even a potential misallocation of resources, was the best group to go and find out what exactly the Cult was up to.

Ontharr is indifferent to the party, and remains in critical condition after the Raid of Waterdeep, having taken a direct blast of lightning breath from Lennithon. His injuries are severe, and the doctors hope they can get him back into something even slightly resembling fighting shape.

Ontharr Frume

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