Reidoth Chandler

Master of the Enclave


An older fellow, Reidoth is shorter than his brother, at around 5’ 8". He has a slight hunch in his back, although honestly, it might be intentional on his part. His expression is much more easy going than most- relaxed is a good word for him. Or maybe aloof.


Leader of the Emerald Enclave, Reidoth has served with the Enclave for several dozen years. Reidoth is the oldest brother of his family, his youngest being the Recruitment Officer of the Enclave. From what you know about Reidoth, he loves squirrels, and loves helping others. General safety of the people is one of his top concerns, followed closely by preservation of the natural order, like all who work under the banner of the Enclave.

Reidoth is a powerful druid, but isn’t keen on harming anyone or anything. He believes there is always another way to solve problems- and even if there isn’t, he’d rather have someone else do the fighting for him, instead. He believes your group a powerful vanguard for not only the Enclave, but all of the forces fighting against the Cult.

Reidoth fully supports the party, beyond happy they could save his brother from death. He is currently in Atland, helping make sure the civilians remaining are in good health, and seeing to the relief efforts of the surrounding areas, given the recent attacks from the Cult.

Reidoth Chandler

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