Remallia Haventree

Leading Delegate of the Harpers


A tall, young-looking elf with long, braided black hair. Like all elves, she has sharp facial features and cheekbones that could cut glass. Her expression is much more open and honest than most of the politicians at the table. Either she’s good at bluffing, or she’s genuinely just a nicer person.


Haventree is the delegate of the Harpers to the Council of Waterdeep. She is quiet, speaking only after others have had their turn, and is content to let events unfold until she feels a need to offer intervention and guidance. This embodies her attitude about combating the cult as well. Remallia is convinced that the rumors of Tiamat’s return are true, and she is doing everything in her power to make sure the Harpers are getting any intelligence they can so that they can bring the fight to the Cult, instead.

Haventree met the party at their first council meeting in Waterdeep. She favors intelligence over anything- sometimes even action. She’d much rather miss out on a battle as long as in the end, the council left with more knowledge on the enemy and their future actions rather than a martial victory.

Haventree likes the party, and approves of their actions at the Raid of Waterdeep. She is primarily occupied with tracing back any shunt residue from the teleport spells Lennithon has been using to escape any sticky situations, hoping to follow it back to a possible lair or vantage point over the Well of Dragons. Her remaining agents are scouring the globe searching for more divine celestial scrolls.

Remallia Haventree

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