Rian Nightshade

Envoy to the Zhentarim


A short, pale-skinned tiefling. At least, you’re pretty sure she’s a tiefling, even if her horns are curled into her hair. She has jet black hair, and an incredibly stoic expression. Her eyes are a hazy golden color.


Quiet and open-eared, not much is known about Nightshade. The players know next to nothing about her, and she didn’t offer any insight during the council meeting. The name is not familiar at all- to you, or any texts.

Rian met the party at their first council meeting, providing little besides her name.

She is indifferent to the party, and oddly, you haven’t seen her around in some time, now that you think about it. She was so quiet it almost didn’t occur to you she hasn’t attended any meetings in some time.

Rian Nightshade

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